Why It's Ideal To Work With A Consultant Who Has Visited College Campuses

Posted on: 16 October 2019


When you're looking to hire a college consultant who will help you navigate the challenges of getting accepted to the college of your choice, it's always a good idea to speak to a few consultants and ask them some questions. One question that is worth asking is whether the consultant typically visits college campuses. If so, you'll want to follow up by asking if they have been on the campus of the institution that you hope to attend — and how recently this visit took place. If you're applying to a college across the country, your ability to tour the campus in advance may be limited. As such, you'll rely heavily on your consultant to help you by discussing these topics.

Campus Description

You can look at pictures and even use Google Street View to virtually tour a campus, but it's highly valuable to talk to someone who has been there recently. If your college consultant has been to the college you hope to attend, get them to describe the campus. How easy is it to get around from one building to another? Is the campus bicycle friendly? What types of things are there for students to see and do when they're not in the classroom? Answers to each of these questions can help you to better visualize the space in which you might be spending the next four years.

Dorm Situation

It's possible that you'll be staying in a campus dorm, at least for your first year as a student. This is another topic that you can thoroughly research online, but learning more about it from your college consultant can be helpful. Ask your consultant a variety of questions about the dorms, including how clean and modern they feel inside and out, how close they're located to the key buildings around the campus, and even what type of atmosphere they have in them. Your dorm life can go a long way toward improving your college experience, so the right answers can make you more convinced that a certain college is the right one for you.

School Spirit

You may already have an idea of which colleges have a reputation as having a high degree of school spirit, but talking to your college consultant after they have been on campus can be informative. School spirit covers a variety of topics. While large attendance at school sporting events is part of having a good school spirit, there are subtler things that your consultant may have noticed. For example, the number of students wearing school-branded apparel in their day-to-day lives can be worth noting, as can the upbeat vibe in central areas such as cafeterias.