Military Brat Eligibility For Online Universities For Servicemembers & Their Families

Posted on: 23 November 2021


One of the most unique subcultures in the United States is that of the military brat. Civilians may think the term brat is derogative, but for those who grow up in the military, it's a term of endearment and one that only those who lived the life of a military brat can fully understand. While changing primary and secondary schools every few years throughout your childhood may have been both positive and negative in varying degrees, when it's time to continue your education at the collegiate level, you may feel a bit hesitant.

Here's how a military dependent who is nearing their high school graduation can enroll in an online university for the military. 

Meet the Eligibility Requirements to Use GI Bill Benefits as a Dependent

Active duty military service members and their spouses and dependents are eligible for military tuition rates at online colleges that cater to the military and their families, in addition to being eligible for the GI Bill while the military member serves on active duty. The service member can also opt to essentially sign over his or her GI Bill benefits to their dependents, as long as they've met the eligibility requirements for the transfer, which is called a Transfer of Entitlement.

When looking at the costs of college education today, transferring some or all of your education entitlement to your dependent can be an effective way of thanking them for being a part of the military family. Keep in mind that your dependent is eligible for reduced tuition rates at online colleges for military members, so if you would also like to take college classes, you can opt to transfer only part of the GI Bill, if that's what you prefer. 

Meet the Education Requirements for College Enrollment

Due to the nature of being a military brat and transferring through various schools throughout the formidable years, a non-profit organization has recognized the difficulties that go along with having transcripts from various school districts in different states and developed what's called the Military Children's Education Coalition. This organization has developed various toolkits for school districts and guidance counselors to use to address the various challenges of mobile military brats, such as transferring credits to ensure the students graduate on time.

If you are the parent of a military brat, be sure to utilize the assistance of the guidance counselor at your child's school district to assist you in gathering your child's transcripts, particularly if this is the senior year of your student's high school career. 

For more information on how to prepare for online university for military children, contact a professional near you.